Comments by Carol Leung
This is our hired car just outside of Canberra
Carol getting overly excited by what looks like an ordinary paddock
Carol gets roped into helping a street performer with his act
A street performer in Circular Quay, Sydney
We went to Canberra just in time for Floriade, an annual flower festival
Carol shows her amazing hovering ability
Church of Scientology, Sydney branch
I get my photo taken next to a cute koala
The Opera House
Me with Darling Harbour, Sydney in the background
Canberra - I'm up at Parliament House
At Floriade
I travelled this far and there are bloody tulips> everywhere!
Because it was Floriade, almost everywhere was booked out. We ended up at an expensive hotel, and all they had left was a suite; bar, microwave and 2 tvs!

And the uhm, censored photo.

and some lost and found pictures.