Since most sections of text on MUDs are condensed and clearly labeled (by LINKS), users gain greater control over what information they consume and what they do not. In a real life cocktail party, for instance, a person has little choice over who they listen to -- a certain voice might stand out, or a social convention might require the person to politely listen to certain others. In the "online part"y of MUD, users have much greater control over which rooms they enter and whose language they read. The clearly labeled chunks of text can be quickly scanned and accessed on demand. In LambdaMOO, players may even choose to screen out certain types of text (usually that of a specific player) using the [@gag] command. This allows each person to edit the social situation for maximum comfort. Such capabilities give readers a feeling of control over language, making them not just readers, but navigators of a text base that is rigidly encapsulized and categorized.